What We Do

Our mission

According to the United Nations 68% of the world population is projected to live in urban areas by 2050 compared to 55% as at today. 90% of the expected 2.5 billion additional people will be located in Asia and Africa. However, African cities face extreme challenges in delivering acceptable infrastructure such as housing, transportation, energy systems or water infrastructure. With the projected growth of the urban population in Africa, it is urgent to find solutions to unlock infrastructure development.

Xpand Holding SAS is an investment company specialized in developing, financing and managing infrastructure projects for the benefits of the community. We seek to perfect project bankability and efficiency by intervening at early stage development, and maintaining the infrastructure throughout. Specifically, we help cities becoming smarter and sustainable for the long term benefits of their population and future generations.

One of the main bottlenecks to Africa’s infrastructure financing is the lack of infrastructure planning and project preparation. Xpand’s strategy is based on jointly providing technical and financial engineering solutions to optimize project delivery, financing and execution. This holistic approach requires aligning interests of multiple stakeholders such as entrepreneurs, governments, investors or academia.

Our values

Our leitmotiv is to go “Beyond Limits”, break boundaries and fuel innovation. We then make sure to learn lessons and share findings to refine collective intelligence and knowledge